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MECHANIC Portable 5V Spot Welding Lithium Batteries Nickel Foil Spot Welding PCB Circuit Detector


Precision voltage

The operating voltage complies with mobile phone industry standard to avoid breakdown of battery cells


Fine pencil tip

Breakthrough the precision of traditional soldering pencil, the tip is as fine as 0.5mm


Six gear adjustment

Multi-power adjustable output, precise welding


One machine for multiple uses

The spot welding machine is also a power bank with a capacity of up to 9600mAh



Battery Welding Pen Multifunctional Mobile Power Circuit Detector Phone Repair Short Circuit Killer Electric Welding Machine

Packing: main unit W08 * 1 / spot welding pen * 1 / Nickel foil * 1 / Test lead wire * 1 / Cutter * 1 / IP11 battery clamp * 1 / IP12 battery clamp * 1 / IP12MINI clamp battery * 1


Suitable for cell phone electronic components, battery plate replacement, precision soldering of lithium battery nickel sheets, and short circuit fault detection of cell phone or computer motherboards


1. The equipment has sufficient power to ensure that the electric welding in the subsequent work will achieve the effect.

2.Adjust to a suitable gear for welding your own products and connect to the lead wire of the meter

3. Spot welding of the nickel foil of the cell phone battery and the small battery board in a good position.

4.Use the spot welding pen to maintain the spot welding position, and the other spot welding pen may be slightly touched (the two point styli should be as close as possible during operation)

Ratings and Reviews:

1. Flexible batteries and other aluminum-copper tab batteries cannot be soldered. Ultrasound or a laser is needed.

2. It can be used for welding 0.12MM iron or stainless steel sheet. If it protrudes, the welding effect is not guaranteed

3.1 7-gear spot welding, 8-gear is a short circuit killer

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