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MECHANIC development road

"MECHANIC" is a well-known brand in the industry. It was founded by Kenny Shi in Hong Kong in 1980. Its concept of "Persevere and Enterprising, Pursue Perfection" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The skill level of craftsmen, excellent quality standards, unique packaging design, vigorous innovation ability, and excellent product performance are commendable. Since its establishment, MECHANIC has gradually expanded from a single solution to a full range of electronic process solutions.

In 2003

MECHANIC entered the mainland and passed the test. Step by step, establish a solid reputation among consumers;

In 2006

Settled in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, known as the "World Electronic Aircraft Carrier", established the Huaqiangbei Experience Store, and established the Shenzhen branch;

In 2008

Warwick obtained the license for the processing and production of some products from Hong Kong Repairman, and entered the Qianhai Development Zone in Nanshan Shekou;

In 2010

The MECHANIC technology of the maintenance guy entered the all-round class, and the product operation gradually took shape and became the "industry standard";

In 2013

The maintenance guy set up a number of subsidiaries to participate in the research and development of new products, creating innovative solutions for the maintenance industry;

In 2017

The maintenance guy reached a strategic cooperation with many senior companies in the industry to seek more professional, systematic and innovative high-end services;

The professional skills of our staff

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Managing Director of Mechanic Global Business Department

CEO of Hong Kong Mechanic Metal Technology Co , Ltd

Director of Huizhou Welsolo Holding Co . Ltd

Director of Shenzhen Welsolo Electronic Technology Co , Ltd

Director of Guangdong Hongtai Industrial Holdings Co , Ltd

Marketing Director

Marketing Director of Mechanic Global Business Department

General Manager of Huizhou Welsolo Holding Co.,Ltd

General Manager of Shenzhen Welsolo ElectronicTechnology Co.,Ltd

14 years of experience in thecommunications industry

Operation Director 

Operation Director of Battery Department ,Mechanic

General Manager of Shenzhen ChuanglitaiElectronic Technology Co , Ltd

Vice President of Guangdong Hongtai IndustrialHoldings Co , Ltd

6 years of experience in thebattery industry

Operations Director 

Operations Director of DUSTY Brand Digital Category

Operations Director of Biaoxianshi Brand Digita Category

General Manager of Dongguan Da Siqi Technology Co.,Ltd

Vice President of Guangdong Hongtai IndustriaHoldings Co.,Ltd

Mechanic Global Strategic Partner

13 years of experience in the digital industry

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