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MECHANIC technology and practice wherver you gone any place , Original purpose or moving forward in innovation interpretation by "Exquisite Craftsman Art” for everyone

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Today, "MECHANIC" has grown into a technological innovation company composed of more than 1,000 engineers around the world, and its products have also achieved success in more than 132 different countries. However, we are still making progress. The core of all this is our growing team of engineers and scientists and their continuous creativity.

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"MECHANIC" has grown into a technological innovation company composed of more than 1,000 engineers around the world

Our product advangtage

From soldering station to repair tools over 1000 items to choose , every item with special design, function and tech.

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More than 100 suppliers work with us

Our Team

With team develop, we can make the super products with hot , we developped over 200items products for market .

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MECHANIC boasts a product series comprising patents, copyrights,trademarks, and intellectual property protection.

The founder of the MECHAIC brand, in which has been engaged in electronic process and tool solutions in the industry since 1982,The MECHANIC brand derived from his love, belief, strictly products, perseverance and persistence in high standard craftsmanship in the electronics industry

The brand, in which had attached special importance to the combination of technology and concepts in practice, while focus more tools importance on the craftsmanship, in which stands for purpose and objectives of the brand, excellent technical experience, advanced concepts, perfect product and tool, to satisfy with customer customers' dream